Hawaii 2011 Vacation Playback

So I’m back, sunburned yet tan as hell from another epic trip home. From surfing on the daily, parasailing, kayaking, hiking to waterfalls, jumping between islands, eating all my favorite bad food, atv’ing through the countryside and catching up with friends/ family, I could not have asked for a better trip! There’s a certain vibe and beauty in the islands that I’ve not been able to find anywhere else and at some point in my life I know I’ll move back.  Since we have a lot of ground to cover I’ll let the pictures do the talking, enjoy:

Koke Park (Kauai): The Grand Canyon of the Pacific

So surreal it literally looks like a Photoshop job. It’s that beautiful out there!

Cuz goofing

Kayaking, hiking and waterfalls oh my

Why not?

In all her glory, sacred fallsOne of the most amazing experiences of my lifeOfferingThe infamous “fern grotto” for you Elvis fans out thereATV’ing through the Kauai countryside

Me and the pops ready to get muddy

Remember the part in Jurassic Park where the kids are running away from the T-rex and Gallimimus’s? Yup, that was shot here!Or how about in Raiders of the Lost Ark where Indiana Jones is being chased by the boulder and makes a get-a-way into his plane? Yup, that was also shot here as wellCoffee in the wildGuava

WILD PIGS!Ohana gathering

Kabob me!

Pops bro and nephewsThe Otsuka famLet’s grind!On that note, more food pics

Kahlua pig nachos!!!

Hawaiian Mixed plate explainedSaimin

Aloha burger: teriyaki, cheese, pineapple with locally grown beef, best burger I’ve ever had!Taco Poke (squid) and Wasabi Poke (ahi), Spam musubi and POGAhi nori wrap…divine!Hawaiian style breakfast: Fried rice, scrambled eggs, Portuguese sausage annnnd mac nut banana coconut pancakes

Maui Wowie!

Remnants of a Hawaii rainbowHaleakala Mountain, the highest point on the islandMaui famLahaina Front StreetShots, shots, shots, shots, shots

Kaanapali beach in all its beautyCookout with family friends. That hairy fellow’s Carl

Leilani’s takes the cake for the best Mai Tai!

Happy Sweet 16 to my little brah


Going up

A plunge of epic proportions (sweet background as well)


On that note, mahalo  for peeping this now go pick something up!



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  1. xenoloco says:

    Please stop putting your stickers all over signs. It’s a little sad.

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