The Madness Of Week One

Since I hit the ground running with Still Proud it’s been a grassroots movement from day one. Explosive growth, mass hype, the flyest retailers and the hippest of hoppers repping the brand? Nope, just a gradual increase in followers, some new sponsorships and sales with each release. There have been times where I’ve questioned myself in terms of the amount of time that I spend on this in relation to the return and I’ll just say that folks, most would fold and throw in the towel. It doesn’t make sense to a lot of people to devote practically another workweek to something that merely funds itself. But that truly never mattered to me because as they say “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” It’s certainly not money that I get in return because what I make I put back in. Would I love to be making a shitload of money off of my passion? Of course, who wouldn’t?

More importantly I believe that this is my lifestyle project and contribution to society. It’s a lifestyle in the sense that what I put out is what I believe in and strive to live by everyday. It might be just a t-shirt to you but it’s much more then that to me. These are my beliefs and frustrations with the outside world plain and simple.  It’s your interactions, purchases and kind words that make all of this worth the loss of sleep and at times social interaction. Consider me an underdog in this street wear shit with no intentions to fold!

I’ll be honest, I definitely underestimated the response I thought we’d get and did not order enough stock. If the response was a measuring stick of where we stand then I think it’s safe to assume that we’re coming up. On Wednesday (6/22) we launched and I couldn’t help but smile every time a new order would come in because i’m used to seeing somewhere between 5-10 throughout any given week. On day one I had 20 orders and 5 days later closed out week one with 40! Half of the hats are gone and some tee sizes are already sold out. The website normally gets about 200 visits for new  launches and on day one 633 visitors checked out our lookbook! Normally I’d be spending all of my time promoting the line within the first week but that was replaced with getting all of these orders out the door. To top it off I got some new retailer inquiries and was hit up by the biggest online site in sreetwear about possibly stocking us. So as you can imagine I’m super excited and even a tad bit nervous because I have a feeling that big things are bound to come, and fast!

I have no one to thank but all of you for spreading the word, seriously! There was no blog coverage or super stars rocking our shit but good ole fashion word of mouth. Since some sizes are already out and with the looming possibility for new retailers I’ll be doing some reprints shortly so stay tuned for the announcements on those.  Until then, enjoy some of the documented madness:

So neglected he didn’t want me to document his frustration, sorry RockG-SP



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