Still Proud Presents: The Path Least Traveled Summer Mixtape

As I put out each season it becomes more and more apparent to me that Still Proud is much more than a name or a slogan on a shirt. It’s inspiration, a sense of defiance to the world around us and in essence a lifestyle. With each season I like to build on the experience and connection that I have with you and because music and fashion tend to go hand in hand this mix-tape made total sense. This is a collection of 11 tracks that embody the message behind our upcoming release. It features some of my favorite artists both old and new from the hardcore and indie hip-hop scenes respectively and is something you should definitely look out for with each future release. Without further adieu you can download the mix along with cover art here.




About stillproudclothing

Keeping the scene alive, one tee at a time!
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8 Responses to Still Proud Presents: The Path Least Traveled Summer Mixtape

  1. very nice tracklist !

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  3. tobyharriman says:

    Great stuff you got going on! Your new line, lookbook and this mixtape are really all well done, loving all of it. I kind left the TSB thing for a little bit, but I am back and we have a lt of great things coming that will help benefit you and all brands (from start-ups to supremes lol). Ill be keeping an eye out for anything you have and helping you out through my blogs.

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