160 Pounds Of Cotton Oh My

Folding, inspecting, planning, phone-tag, scrounging for photographers and then finally battling the swampy weather was the weekend in a nutshell. Thankfully all of my gear came in by Friday which left the weekend to account for it all. 8 hours later, 340 pieces were nicely folded into 6 boxes. The weekend was not without some obstacles though as on Thursday I found out that my photographer couldn’t make the shoot which left me a couple days to hammer one out and keep this ship on schedule. Luckily I hit up my boy Keith who also has a line (check them out) and was able to use the photographer from their last shoot (thanks Amanda for the save, seriously). On Sunday at high noon we braved the humidity and successfully knocked out the photo shoot ( Woo-woo)! Now, I’m just waiting on some photo-edits and tying up some loose ends to hopefullydrop the gear by Wednesday, if not SOONER! I’m very thankful that everything went over so well, such is the power of networking. For now, enjoy my sweat equity:

  Mellow Mushroom “fuel”

And some good craft Summer beers to accompany the festivities

And of course many cups of coffee (or nectar of the gods as I like to refer to it)Battleground: living room

Shipping & receiving at the SP headquartersAnd after pressing the easy button, everything rightfully jumped into its folded position and on to my Excel spreadsheet 8 f’n hours later. I quit!…….not reallyPhotoshoot sneaks

Could this actually be a shot from the shoot? Oh the suspense…

Sneak peeks to come tomorrow…



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