Weekend In Pics: Shows, Bro’s, Clubs and Other Occurances

Quite the action packed weekend. Saw two bands that I have MUCH respect for (Terror/ Shai Hulud) put on some of the best live shows I have yet to witness. Other then that it was more chaos in the streets of Ybor city with some relaxation mixed in between. Enjoy:

Vegan red velvet cupcakes with almond milk (outside of the show), don’t mind if I do. Thanks Sandy!
Then the best gahhhhddamn florentine pizzaParty upDuuuubbbstep, wawa ha

The worst group picture ever. Miserable?Much betterFlashing lights bring club creatures out into the open, sorry Nate, this was going to be a rather deep photo otherwise. Woof!AwwwwwWolfing it up!It’s not a real club unless a pole’s involved. Nikki where you at?Little did they know, straight foxin it!Saturday night beer tasting

And last but not least SHAIfuckingHULUD!!G-SP


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