“The Path Least Traveled” Summer 2011 Release

After a Spring break, Still Proud is back in the game and coming for blood! A little note on why I skipped a Spring drop: I’ve been a little behind the ball on our releases so instead of pushing a Spring line out late I wanted to get on a more consistent schedule so that Summer/ Winter are more in step with the seasons. I guess you could call this our learning curve, growing pains, what have you.

Our Summer drop titled “The Path Least Traveled” has been ordered! It consists of 4 new T’s, 2 tank tops and our very first girl roll out (a limited release of V’s, T’s and cheer shorts)! The tank tops are limited to 25 a piece and the girl line is scant in quantity as well.  As with any new article of clothing I release it’s a testing ground so ladies, pick up the gear and you’ll be seeing a lot more like it! I’m also working on putting out our first snap-back (or cap for that matter)! The details on this are still being worked out but I’m going to try to push it out with our Summer drop but it may be released separate from the main line, so stay tuned for the announcements on that.

So what’s behind “The Path Least Traveled” concept? When I look at the majority of our culture I don’t see happy people doing what they love. I see tired, apathetic individuals that have settled for the safe, tried and tested route that generations before had laid out.  From the attitude that you resonate to the beliefs you hold inside, this collection is about carving your own path and not settling for less than what you deserve. One life, one chance!

Tentative release date:  Late May/ early June

Now for some previews…

In the meantime take advantage of our 40% off sale on ALL past seasons.

Get pumped!



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5 Responses to “The Path Least Traveled” Summer 2011 Release

  1. Brittni Naylor says:

    I cannot wait! All the new stuff looks so rad!

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