FTW (Fuck The World), An Observation


Freddie Gibbs- National Anthem (Fuck The World)

Tupac-Fuck the World

Contrary to my PMA post, there exists another outlook on life that I’m sure you’ve seen blatantly displayed. Like PMA, FTW (or Fuck The World) has been adorned in both the hardcore and hip-hop scenes and is seemingly becoming very much a part of our youth’s outlook. But what’s all of this talk about, and does it literally mean utter hatred towards society?
FTW is very much a defiant stand to contemporary culture and another principle that I find commonality with. What it means to me is that regardless of what the status quo pushes; retaining individuality, mapping your own path, and ultimately not caring what the world has to say about it defines this philosophy (if you will).

Depending on your interpretation, this outlook can either have a negative or positive connotation but regardless of which you choose, one thing is certain: we’re discontent. Perhaps we’re tired of being told who we should be, what we should do or what to believe. I sure as hell know that I am. When you begin to analyze the conventional wisdom of the day you find outdated modes of thought that may have worked for past generations but have little standing in today’s culture. More opportunity and an overabundance of free flowing information have put us in the drivers seat and while we should have realized this from the beginning, it’s refreshing to see so many taking a stroll off the beaten path. The moral here is that with one life to live, make sure it’s lived on your own terms!

“Never forget that only dead fish swim with the stream”-Malcolm Muggeridge



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