P.M.A (Positive Mental Attitude)

“Don’t care what they may say
we got that attitude.
Don’t care what they may do
we got that attitude.
Hey, we got that PMA (positive mental attitude).
Hey we got the PMA”


PMA, you’ve probably heard these three letters referenced in a score of songs or even motivational material but where does it originate and what does it truly stand for?

The term itself first makes an appearance in Napoleon Hill’s dynamite book called “Think and Grow Rich:”(for a free e-copy click on the picture below)

The principle behind PMA is that regardless of what circumstances occur in one’s life, the individual retains an attitude of positivity and openness. Through this attitude the individual’s able to focus on the good in the situation and therefore open up the possibility for greater things to come. When you’re stuck in a negative state of mind you essentially limit your circumstances and are often times trapped in a cycle which leads to self pity. Not only does a constant negative attitude cripple your outlook but also (unbeknown to most) alters your bodies chemistry so there is also a physical component to all of this.

In my own life, I’ve been a very optimistic person who has for the most part looked ahead and tried to not wallow in hardship. PMA is something that I absolutely support and embrace in my daily life but something I’m not always able to show (I’m human after all). What I mean by this is that hardship in life is evident and sometimes we need to experience these emotions in order to acknowledge that they exist but to more importantly use them as stepping stones to the bigger and better things that are also evident to happen. Turning your life around begins with acknowledging your emotions and the limiting beliefs that hold you back, this is the first step to living a life embracing this concept.

I don’t blame or judge people for the negative attitudes that they resonate because I’ve been through bleak trials in my own life as much as the next person. It certainly doesn’t help that we live in a culture where violence is constantly celebrated but within all of this is a choice to either embrace or learn from it. In my opinion remaining negative, pissed and angry at the world will not in the slightest bit work in your favor unless you use it constructively.  Some of the greatest contributions in society (art, music, social movements) first began as a seed of discontent in the mind of the creator. Even in my own life this certainly reigns true as some of my greatest personal accomplishments always got their start this way. If it was not for frustration with my surroundings I would have never picked up a mic and put pen to paper. The same holds true with starting Still Proud.

My only hope in you reading this is that you will possibly see this concept in a different light and consider it. After all, life’s too short to not enjoy every moment!

Also peep this clip of HR (from Bad Brains) talking about PMA and how it influenced his life.

If you feel this concept, I’ve got a tee dropping soon so keep an eye out!

Stay up,



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