Johnny Cupcakes Lecture In Sarasota

Johnny Cupcakes is a brand I’ve looked up to for quite a while. I used to follow his band years back and his story is pretty damn inspiring to say the least.  When I heard earlier in the week that he would be giving a free lecture an hour away I was already there!

One thing about the lecture that I admired was the fact that it was not super prepared and glossy. Johnny was very personable in his delivery and it was unscripted, it literally felt like a one on one humorous conversation. He went through his childhood which showed you that from a young age Johnny had the hustler mentality and wanted more out of life than a 9 to 5 job (that his mom had).  This hit home pretty close to me as I too share in that same goal. I work two jobs, one that puts food on the table and the other that gets me up early and pushes me to stay up late but pays in self gratification and accomplishment. Life is truly too short and spending time on things that don’t fulfill you is a waste, this is one principle that I definitely took away from his presentation.

He talked about the importance of having a hobby or “project” which I too believe is very important. It’s amazing if you truly calculate the amount of wasted hours in a week that people devote to truly monotonous activities (t.v etc) where they could instead spend it on creating something that outlives them. Maybe it’s the Aries in me but since i’ve started this company it’s quite fulfilling to have actually put something out there that others can enjoy and relate to. If I had not started SP I’d be just another disgruntled weekend warrior collecting a paycheck. Been there, done that and I’m happy to have found and be working towards something much more fulfilling.

Dedication and uniqueness were the other two principles I really related to. As with starting any project or business these things don’t blossom over night. It takes commitment and a realigning of your priorities to get where you want to be. Johnny spoke about how he’s put off relationships as a result of working on his company which unfortunately I could feel him on. He delved into the exclusiveness of his brand and the amount of detail that goes into his product. I really enjoyed the fact that he doesn’t believe in traditional advertising but instead creatively utilizes social media and gorilla marketing to build his company. When you pick up a piece from Johnny’s collection you know that you’re holding something that’s worth what you paid for and then some (via the extra random things he throws in). This is an important realization that I’ve really been contemplating and working towards with SP. I don’t want to just sell a t-shirt, I want to move an idea and give an experience.

When I walked in he was standing at the door and thanked me for coming which was very cool to see and even after the lecture he was giving an extended Q and A and promised to stay until the last question was answered. The amount of gratitude and humbleness that he has for his supporters was very refreshing to see. This is something that regardless of where Still Proud goes, I will not neglect! I encourage everyone to attend one of his lectures and hear the story of a young guy turning a simple idea on a t shirt into a multi million dollar a year business. Anything is possible and Johnny most certainly eradiates the inspiration to prove it.

“Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve”-W. Clement Stone



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