Weekend In Pics: Birthday & Leisurely Activities

Here’s the evidence of the last two weekend shenanigans. The prior week I turned 27, which is really not a big deal to me. Age is very much a number that many people give too much entitlement too. I like this philosophy: I’m getting older, NOT old! For the birthday weekend I did some enjoyable activities: Took a trip to the Cigar City Brewery, downtown St. Pete and closed out the weekend in the sun. This weekend was rather laidback as you’ll see.¬† Enjoy:

Let’s see where the magic happens

I would hope so

Very manly

Saki shots, woof

The middle finger was unnecessary but the seaweed was. I’m Asian, it happens

Went to my favorite beer bar

Then nommed on the greatest Vegan Philly which was much better than the real thing, believe it!From this establishment

After that it was time to dance. Not many people can say that they’ve danced with a 65 year old woman, but I can

Morning after Crepe’sSo legit

Spent the rest of the day in the sunThe weekend after

Because a middle finger makes this drink look much less girly, ha

2 weekends of sushi is A ok with me



And some random dude dancing to Jamie Fox in his headphones, odd

Kind of creepy

Closing out the weekend

Until next time friends,



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