French Powerhouses 8 Control Join The Still Proud Family!

I’m very excited to bring on France’s own 8 Control into the Still Proud family. For longer than a decade these fellas have been developing their sound and making quite a name for themselves across the pond. With a handful of releases and many tours under their belt, the band’s already keeping busy in 2011 and about to drop their latest jam “Being Here Doesn’t Mean You Belong” and will be out in support of the record for the remainder of the year. Straight from the lions mouth:

“We are really happy to announce that we are now part of the Still Proud family. Over the years we’ve been a hardworking band and given neverending passion into everything we’ve accomplished. Being proud of what you achieve is our way to live every single day. We are proud and we’ll be Still Proud of that ! SP represents investment, passion and lifetime commitment, the way we consider and define the hardcore scene. DIY! We are proud to be part of that worldwide family and keeping the dream alive. We expect the months to come to be great months: touring, meeting new faces … the essence ! We’ve got a brand new release coming out this spring on Spook Records, a new video in May and a lot more to come so see you in the pit! 8CONTROL-2011”

This is another band that i’ve been eying for a while and was stoked when they recently contacted me about working together. Still Proud is a movement that I want to get out to the world at large so I greatly appreciate the boys joining with me to make this happen.

Follow 8 Control on their Site, Facebook, Twitter and Myspace

Check out this little teaser of things to come:

Download their latest demo for free:



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