Welcome UPLIFT to the Still Proud Family!

Mad stoked to add Canada’s own UPLIFT to our sponsorship roster. This is positive hardcore spreading a great message and we’re honored to have representation to the north of our border. From the band:

“Uplift’s goal this year is to be on the road as much as humanly possible to spread our positive message to everyone we can. We plan on touring the US for most of the summer, with bands such as Gideon(facedown records, Ironwill (blood & ink records) and Signs of
Hope(Detonate records). We’ll be starting in the eastern provinces in Canada with friends Amnesty, and hopefully ending with a west coast-back home run. We’ve been writing a bunch of new material since our latest EP “Making the Most” to hopefully have it released in a split or new 7. Uplift is super stoked on being part of the Still Proud family because SP are hardworking, dedicated people who are passionate about what they do, much like us! Not to mention the SP line is incredible! These guys will be taking over soon, just watch!”

I’ve been a fan of the band ever since I found out about them last year and was stoked when they contacted me about working together. Where Figure Four/ Comeback Kid opened the door, these fellas are certainly going to be the next to put Canadian hardcore on the map, believe it!

Follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Myspace and of course pick up their debut ep:



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