Welcome King Conquer To The Still Proud Family!

Chris and Adam repping SP

I strive to support artists that have ideals and a work ethic that rivals mine and having watched this band take form over the last few years, it was certainly time to bring them on board. Although quite young to recognition, these fellow FL boys are about to set the heavy music scene aflame! With a freshly released debut album on Mediaskare records and some big tours already lined up (including a stint at this years New England Metal & Hardcore Fest), these kids are going places! The band had this to say about the oncoming year and working together:

“King Conquer has a lot of things in store for the year of 2011 . We are currently out with Molotov Solution and are looking forward to performing on the 13th annual New England Metal and Hardcore festival. We have amazing tours lined up for the remainder of this year and will be announced when the time is right.
We are more than honored to be apart of the Still Proud family and very excited to be on the ride to success with SP. With our heavy tunes and their phenomenal threads will not only make a perfect match of commitment but will breed a new kind of attack on the music industry being nevertheless unstoppable.”

I’ve been going to shows and playing in rival bands with these guys ever since I got into the scene and to see them finally getting the respect that they’ve sacrificed so much for is truly inspiring.

Follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Myspace and pick up their debut album “America’s Most Haunted!”

Last but not least catch them on the following tours:



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