Sticker Orders Are Shipping Out!

Sorry for the delay in getting these out as it’s been quite busy round these parts as of late. This is our first week of sticker ship outs and I’d say 48 envelopes worth is pretty damn legit. From the US, Canada, UK, France, Australia and Ecuador, y’all are much appreciated in helping me spread our message. Don’t forget to snap some pics and send them in for a 10% off discount code! If you would like to get some free stickers peep this.

If anything, this campaign is about the spread of ideas. Two simple messages that encourage a strong belief in self and living life out of step with tradition. Please remember to be careful where you post them as I myself was apparently “written up” for sticking them in my city. Everything is vandalism these days when it comes to utilizing your freedom of expression as society does not appreciate street art and the true reality of the common individual. To be honest with you, I don’t have much in common with society as a whole so I’d rather go down spreading something with substance then sit on my ass doing nothing. So spread these stickers far and wide and lets make our fading voices heard…

Murs (Crowbar, Tampa)



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