“Take It To The Streets” Sticker Campaign

All great movements began as grassroots campaigns not intent on changing society but as a means to create awareness and organize like minds. Before the advent of the internet companies sought out radio, print and television to get their business out there and while those outlets are certainly available, they are not ones I care to utilize. Still Proud was built on word of mouth through social media and also artist sponsorships. I have literally built this idea from nothing but time and creativity. Prior to the internet, a brand would have had to utilize their city blocks as a means of communicating their message which today has been replaced by laptops and armchairs. I have much admiration for the brands of the past that built their foundation solely on word of mouth (prior to the internet) as it truly embodied “hustle” in every sense of the word.

Social media and the internet are amazing platforms but there is something mysterious about seeing stickers and graffiti overtaking walls, bus stops and telephone polls. They bring out the character behind a city and show peeps that defiance to the status quo is lurking in the underbelly of the culture. With that being said, this is an idea who’s time has come and it’s time to take it to the streets! 5,000 stickers are in my possession and I want you (the awesome supporter) to spread these to the four corners of the universe.

This is not a cheap operation with paying for printing and shipping so please ONLY serious peeps inquire. If you order something, you will get stickers with your order as well. Email your address to stillproudclothing@gmail.com and let me know how many you would like and where you’re planning to post them. With what I have I’ll try and get you what I can. If anyone would like to throw me a dollar to help with shipping etc please paypal it to stillproudclothing@gmail.com.

ALL I ask in return for the stickers are some pictures. As a further show of appreciation, when you send me the pictures I’ll hook it up with a 10% off discount code!

Check out the two designs:

Join the movement!


Disclaimer: Still Proud assumes no liability in what may result of posting the stickers on public property. Please be respectful in where you post them as it’s considered defacing public property which can be a chargeable offense. Protect ya neck!


About stillproudclothing

Keeping the scene alive, one tee at a time!
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76 Responses to “Take It To The Streets” Sticker Campaign

  1. nicko says:

    i’ll be proud to stick the france for you

  2. nicko says:

    12 bis rue de bethune apt 9
    59253 la gorgue

  3. Todd Soles says:

    todd soles
    mike padgett highway apt 5e
    augusta ga 30906

    done and done brother.

  4. james sarlo says:

    james sarlo
    4475 s pecos road.
    las vegas nv, 89121

  5. The Banovic Agency says:

    Good stuff.

  6. Scott melling says:

    630 rayburne ave
    Sarnia Ontario Canada
    N7t 7a6

    Will bomb sarnia, London and michigan

  7. Karis Stiles says:

    i’ve the university of n.tx covered.

    320 benjamin st
    denton, tx 76207

  8. Joey Hunter says:

    Joseph Hunter
    527th MP CO, K9 Section
    CMR 416, Box 799
    APO, AE 09140

    I will spread these motherfuckers across Germany.

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  10. CHluke says:

    can I believe in God and in myself??

  11. Daniel Almodovar says:

    I’m down.

    500 rt. 299
    Highland NY 12528
    Apartment 20.

  12. Wei Xian says:

    I can rep Singapore for you.

    Goh Wei Xian
    1 Limau Rise
    Singapore 465826

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  14. Joe Roberts says:

    Do you need UK stickered up?

  15. Joe Roberts says:

    done 🙂

  16. I’d be happy to sticker the north east of england
    Allreaddy try to get your merch seen as much as possible

    14 nursery end
    Co durham
    Dl2 3xh


  17. Bryan Tafoya says:

    Will bomb Iraq/Belgium….

    Bryan Tafoya
    APO, AE 09331

  18. Ashleigh Cotter says:

    Happy to Rep SP in AUS! Sticker away! 🙂

  19. Lau The Edge says:

    I will be very happy to put your stickers on every wall of Belgium (and on my amp!)!

    Smolders Laurent
    Avenue des Genêts, 30
    6001 Marcinelle

  20. chris walls says:

    chris walls
    101 bulldog dr
    asheville nc 28801

  21. Tom Deacon says:

    Yeah I’m game

    you reckon they will get to the UK before the 22nd?
    cos I’m moving then

    1 Goldstone Court
    Windsor Close

    Sackville Rd Trading Estate

  22. Matthias De Vylder says:

    can’t wait to hit belgium!

    matthias de vylder
    filip de pillecijnstraat 3
    9240 zele

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  25. Ben Wilcox says:

    I can chuck some around Australia for you.

    40 Covent Gardens Way,
    Banora Point,
    New South Wales,

  26. Jacob Anthony says:

    Will gladly support !
    6161 Memorial Highway Aprt 1106
    Tampa, FL 33615

  27. Jacob Anthony says:

    Will gladly send New Englands way as well. XXX .

    Jacob Perrault
    6161 Memorial Highway Apt 1106
    Tampa, FL 33615

  28. brian says:

    i love you guys! good designs
    im so far down on this list i might not get one at all ahha

  29. Good lukk with the campaign still proud is one of the few company’s that I actually support keep it alive you guys keep up the great work dylanmckinley165@gmail.com

  30. Jordan Kwasiborski says:

    Jordan Kwasiborski
    35 Rue Jean Jaures
    27380 Charleval

    Gonna Stick The France!

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  32. Brittni Naylor says:

    Hey I’ll deff get Virginia If you still have some stickers!
    Brittni Naylor
    9269-A Coleman Avenue
    Norfolk, VA 23503

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  38. norman says:

    tomorrow i’ll bomb the AZ in aachen/germany, bro!

  39. Jake says:

    Jakub Vlha
    Ďatelinová 5
    Bratislava, 82101

  40. James says:

    send some my way if you can!
    15 Quebec Road
    St Leonards-on-sea
    East Sussex
    TN38 9HH

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  42. Phil Draper says:

    2702 michigan ave
    Niagara Falls, NY 14305

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  44. Leah Steffensen says:

    13479 Wesleyan Way
    Riverton, UT

  45. Lukas says:

    Gonna spread them all over Germany, Stuttgart, Munich, Hamburg and Berlin! and also share them with my homeboys. Would be great if you could send me about 20, i sure will send you pictures and order some of the winter stuff. My adress is:

    Lukas Arnhold
    Gustav-Hertz-Straße 1
    Germany- 70806 Kornwestheim

  46. Robin says:

    I’ll spread ‘m for you in the netherlands & belgium!
    Let the world know 🙂

    Robin Haex
    Van Kinsbergenstraat 37
    Weert, The Netherlands


    CMR 454 BOX 1347
    APO AE 09250

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