Weekend In Pictures: Titles Are Unnecessary

I kicked it off scoping the Tampa Hip-hop scene after getting the invite and a guest list pass to the areas most notorious event: Da Cypher. It was nice to be introduced to some of the areas most notable heads as you never know what might develop; needless to say I had a swell time. Shouts to my man Kevin, Ayche and King Joffy for the invite! The rest of the weekend was rather enjoyable and filled with the usual: friends and good beer.


When that camera rolls out boy, brothers be swarming

The view from the stage. Being one of the only white dudes up there you could tell that people were wondering “is he famous.”Good peoples

Bromance and for some reason an affection for gang signs and middle fingers

If I brought one of these home, my dog would be pisssseeeed

By the grace of all that is good, this wonderful crepe somehow ended up in my paws. I used to play Jurassic Park with this dude back in the day. One of my absolute best friends (oh, and wife’s sweet too 😮 )

If brothers can do it at night why can’t I? Swaggadelic!

I then drank this delicious Apricot wheat

And the following day packed all of these bad boys up. I just want to say thanks everyone for keeping the funds rolling in and allowing me to keep churning out new gear. XOXO

The End


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