Weekend In Pictures: 3 Day Weekend

Had an enjoyable 3 day weekend full of friends, food and plotting. Also managed to fit in a shoot for an SP promo vid that should be dropping in a couple weeks. Let me just say, it will be rad!  Without further adieu let’s get to the enlightening pictures as proof:

Pretty much sums up the weekend. This bar ruled hard btw

All they served was American craft beers which was cool. Support your local brewery and buy Amerikan!Southern Tier Choklat

Sometimes you just got to pick something and enjoy it because it seems exotic. This beer strait up tasted like a crepe, I know believe me, I know

If you ever see a chocolate beer and cider on tap, mix them! Ideally apple cider works best but all they had was pear and it did the trick just perfect. We’ll call this concoction the “STILL PROUD”And we continue the adventureWhen the moment arises, sometimes you just have to post upIn celebration of the gift that’s life Just one prime example of why the 90’s owned: FINISH HIM!An old fashioned man cockfight aka arm wrestlingHalf-priced sushi at 2 a.m is probably one of my best decisions. Sure as hell beats pizzaBeautiful

That’s what’s up!Another stop at Da Kine Hawaiian Grindz

Sweet RibsHeaded out to celebrate “Dre day:” apparently it was a party in celebration of all things 90’s gangsta rap, word!This is my boy Alex and he went out and got all of these crucial tattoos just for the party. His mom’s going to be pissed! Sic tat ADRIENNE!Educate the masses

And that’s a gator taco and a wrap for Saturday

My type of establishment

Black bean hummus sandwich with avocado. So good I had to make it for lunch this week

Dutch chocolate chip cookie infused with pea protein, yezzzirAnd a lot of planning going down at the SP headquarters

Hope you had an enjoyable one!



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