The Hustle: From the Bottom

If you follow us often you’ll know that on Saturday I day-tripped up to Orlando to hit up the local retail circuit. It was a beautiful clear day and I trekked the 2 hour drive with 3 boxes full of clothes and some good jams not really knowing what to expect. Side note: it took a couple hours of preparation to bag 2 of every size/ design. Needless to say, the buyers weren’t in to either of the stores I stopped at so I ended up showing my gear to the staff and getting some contact e-mails. I was not discouraged in the least bit because retailers get quite a bit of inquiries on the daily and by stopping in and having a face to face conversation (plus being local), has to count for something. The more I’m finding in this industry is that the key to success lies in the strength of your relationships.

I liken it to playing shows, sometimes you travel out of town full of expectation only to find that you’re playing in front of 5 kids and their mom. Even if they don’t pick me up this time, there will always be a next and you can bet I’ll be back with each release until I get a “yes.” The largest brands started on the same footing as me and got to where they are through diligence. No matter what we’re striving for, we should all remember this!

After the retailer drop in I met up for some coffee with Andres from Tee Addicts. It was nice meeting face to face as internet communication only goes so far. We had a great talk ping ponging back and fourth of how we each got started, where we’re going, and of course some industry chat. He also works a separate job and spends his free time on his passion which is always refreshing to hear. Look out for an interview coming soon and be sure to check out his site!

On my way out I stopped for a burger with my boy Joe and Josh and then delivered some goods and caught up with my ole friend Jay. All in all a rather productive day!

Morning fuel

Clear skies and a beautiful crisp morning

Our stopGranola, coffee and water: road trip necessities I didn’t realize that Great Dane’s and Cows we’re being interbred, crazyAndres (Tee Addicts)

Graffiti Junktion: Pretty good burgers and fuel for the drive home

I’ll be back soon Orlando!


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