Weekend In Pictures: Grinding

This was no doubt a busy weekend, just how I like it. After work on Friday I set up shop at the Thick As Blood/ King Conquer show and sold quite a bit: 3 hoodies, 4 tees and a long-sleeve. Last time I sold this much was when we first started at a fest which TAB also played, hmmm, I’m seeing a trend here.   After the show I ventured out with some friends for a night on the town to wake in the morning and head up to Orlando to hit up some retailers (a post on that coming tomorrow). You get out what you put in and folks, I’m all in here! Enjoy the craziness:

Great turnout

Laced the Thick As Blood  fam up with the Underdog Mentality lineThen ventured out for some life experiences

Had to get a pic with this guy as he had that whole Rivers Cuomo meets Pee-Wee Herman style about him. A real lady killer!

My old bands shirt says it all, fuck dude bros!

What can I say, my friends know how to stir up the potHey, she asked and being the gentlemen that we are, we complied :o)A little late night stop into Mema’s Alaskan Tacos

Tried to see if they could put gator in a burrito and apparently it wasn’t possible, tofu burrito it isNom nom

If every week was this good imagine how much more I could put out? This was just from the show and then meeting up with a couple peeps 😮

BBQ Chicken pizza, missed this SO much!

Packed up some online orders and called it a night



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