Brothers In Arms: IMPRM Clothing Interview

Imperium clothing is a lifestyle brand based out of California. The message is direct, the designs are classic and with just shy of a year under their belt, they are certainly on the come up and already doing big things. I got a chance to verse with one of the brands founders regarding their message and direction which is compiled into this short but sweet nonchalant interview. Be sure to peep their site and support! Enjoy:

SP: Who are we speaking with and please state your role at IMPRM?

JustOne, I’m one of the co-founders of Imperium.

SP: Are there any other partners behind the scenes of the IMPRM camp?

J1 IMPRM: There are 5 of us that founded the brand but there is a movement behind us.

SP: If I’m not mistaken y’all have only been around for a year? Give us a bit of the history and philosophy behind your brand?

J1 IMPRM: About a year, but we have been building for about 2 years prior to make sure the vision was right.

SP: Y’all seem to be doing pretty well. Is IMPRM a hobby, aspiring career, or are you fortunate enough at the moment to support yourselves with the company? From beginning to close take us through your typical day?

J1 IMPRM: The way I feel, no matter how far we go we could never make enough money. The more we make, the more we want. At first you just want enough to buy that Benz, then that Benz turns into a Bentley, then that Bentley turns into an island. Haha seriously though, that’s why we hustle hard. We never sleep, we are trying to perfect our craft and our drive is relentless.

SP: Many seem to believe that streetwear’s dead. What are your thought’s on this assumption?

J1 IMPRM: I think it has grown up, you see brands like Crooks and Castles that have done wonders for the industry and really paved the way. It is all where you are going to take it. Reach for the top and nothing is impossible.

SP: As a young brand there tends to be many lessons learned, let’s explore some of those. What are two things you learned that you wish you would have known when you first started?

J1 IMPRM: Be ahead, be on calendar (fashion calendar), have plenty of back up cash, have a good accountant, have a solid manufacturer, get your shit trademarked, etc. etc. etc.

SP: Did y’all hit up the tradeshow scene from the start?

J1 IMPRM: We all have been connected to the fashion scene somehow because of our backgrounds so everyone has seen Magic at its height and to what it is now, but walking the show and being in the show are 2 different things. It is important to be connected with the industry because they can help you, especially the vets out there. Shouts to Luda from Crooks and Frank 151.

SP: For a younger brand to have released a varsity jacket and a few cut and sew pieces is a pretty big step. Give us the 411 on what goes into these types of garments?

J1 IMPRM: Preparation, time, ambition, and execution.

SP: A baby tiger at Magic, how the hell did this come about?

J1 IMPRM: We are connoisseurs of fine and exotic things that are relatively impossible for others to obtain.

SP: What does 2011 hold for IMPRM?

J1 IMPRM: World domination!

SP: What’s the best part of living in California?

J1 IMPRM: The fact that everyone wants to stay on the west coast! Plus you can’t forget about the triple W’s. We got the best Weather, the best Women, and the best Weed!

SP: What are you currently listening to?

J1 IMPRM: Erk Tha Jerk “Nerd’s Eye View,” don’t sleep on him, he’s going to change the game…

SP: What kinds of activities can we find you doing when not working on IMPRM?

J1 IMPRM: IMPRM is a lifestyle so we try to incorporate it into everything that we do, which might include sports, music, cars, etc.

SP: Throw out some shouts and spit a favorite quote?

J1 IMPRM: Peace to all the go getters that support the movement we are pushing.

“I think I’m the realest muthafucka I know”- Erk Tha Jerk



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2 Responses to Brothers In Arms: IMPRM Clothing Interview

  1. JustOne says:

    Thanks Fam for reaching out and supporting the movement! Lets connect soon!

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