FL Retailers?

Hey fellow Floridians,

I need your help with suggestions for retailers around the sunshine state. I’m looking for street-wear boutiques and skate or tattoo shops that carry legit brands. I’m pretty centrally located in Tampa so road trips aren’t much of a problem as long as we’re not talking Miami or J-ville (as that’s an F’n trek). So far in the next two weeks I’m planning to hit up Renown, Reign and Fly (Intl. Mall). Your suggestions are much appreciated! Please either respond with a link or drop us a line to stillproudclothing@gmail.com.

P.s: If y’all want to take the initiative and drop by the store and tell them about us and something develops from it, I have no problem hooking you up with a tee and a mad discount!

I’m just one dude pushing a dream here so ALL help is much appreciated.

Thanks SP fam!




About stillproudclothing

Keeping the scene alive, one tee at a time!
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