Behind the Design: In Self We Trust

Design description: Never allow society to dictate what you can or can’t accomplish. This life is much too short and the potential too vast to be limited by someone else’s expectations. Government, dogma and conventional wisdom are merely modes of limiting thought. These are our paths, pages, trials and tribulations. Never compromise who you are or where you’re going; this is the message behind the “In Self We Trust” collection!

I’ve always been that person that was into different things. From surfing, skating, the music I listened to and the way I dressed to my beliefs today. It’s safe to say that i’ve always been somewhat out of step with the conventional path. To me, the majority of traditional thought undermines the individual, removes their power, and gives it to a “collected” good or narrow set of beliefs. At the end of the day though, we are the makers of our lives and the responsibility and potential is ours to explore if we so wish to accept this. This design’s about living life your way and doing what feels right for YOU!

On the design front I chose the dollar seal because what not a better symbol of tradition than the very thing that drives our culture? Even though it had been redone many times I still felt like it needed a bit of work. What’s the deal with the inverted eye? If you look into the history of the seal and it’s Masonic/ Illuminati influence perhaps you’ll realize why I chose to invert it. With this design being a statement towards tradition, it was only fitting and the text I chose complements the underlying message superbly.

My sweet initial sketch

1’st edit: the text was a bit weak and not like the original, back to the edit room

Much better, but the lettering was a bit out of sync. Also, “Defy Tradition” seemed a little too forceful and I wanted something a bit more subtle so “In defiance of tradition” was perfect!

And then it was written!

Then i wanted to go with something for the front that had that classic feel to it. With that in mind I used the logo from our Earn Your Respect tee which fit perfectly. Here are the finals

This one’s limited to 30 and comes with a screen-printed tag and SP hang-tag sticker. It is available in black or athletic grey on a pullover or zip-up (depending on the size). These are moving so get your orders in before they’re gone!

Next up from the “In Self We Trust” collection: the Refuse to Lose design.



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