Weekend in Pictures: Ybor City x 2

This weekend made me feel like I was back in college, for real. 2 nights of hanging with some new friends is exactly what I’ve needed as of late. Um, I don’t really have much else to say so I’ll let the pics do the talking. Enjoy

I’m not much of a cigar person but this place surely has that ground coveredThese dudes crack me up

Random people pic

I couldn’t quite figure this one out Wasted YouthTampa gets buck!A brief food interlude. My Saturday morning waffle/ pancake ritual

I haven’t actually  cooked meat for at least a year and I’ve been craving buffalo burgers for longer than that. Needless to say I succumbed and you’re looking at buffalo cheeseburgers with sweet and regular potato fries. They were great by the way

4 am pit stop for this $3.45 “small” cuban, it was awesome!Back to drinking. Apricot wheat is where it’s at!We didn’t plan this, I swear

Made it out to the Orpheum for “Sink or Swim,” thankfully I just swam. $12 all you can drink and I had not had vodka and cranberry in ages, needless to say I murdered them!BrosWelcome to the dirty southThe beginnings of a fightThen the sound of tazers quickly squashed that oneJust another day in the FLA, until next time.




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