Brothers In Arms: Creep Street Clothing Interview

Being conventional is quite frankly pretty damn boring. One line not afraid to wear its odd yet refreshing heart on its neon colored sleeve is Creep Street. With a strong horror influence and penchant for bright colors, Creep Street has been able to make its creepy mark on the street wear scene at large, and for good reason. I caught up with the dude behind the mask and this fun filled roller-coaster of words are all I have to show for it. Be sure to peruse the companies awesome interactive site here.  Now let’s get to creepin:

SP: Who am I creeping with right now and what do you do at Creep Street?

Boris: I am Boris Changstein Jr. and I run this shithole of a company.

SP: Are there any other creeps in your entourage and if so unmask them and tell us who they are?

Boris: I started this baby back in err 2006 with fellow grave robber Chip, who is now on permanent vacation. My entourage however, is bigger than the Hundreds, and the last time I checked, they were pretty fucking huge LOL you like, totally like my street wear humor?!

Where all the magic happens

SP: Take us on a brief trip down memory lane as to how CS got started and what inspires you to put out your rather unconventional gear?

Boris: I think Creep Street started one day while Chip and I were on lunch break (we were working together at a major company back then), just talking about what we wish we were doing and how great it would be to start something really unique, and well funny as well as creepy. Chip himself should be a brand (peep for a peek), and my sister thinks I’m pretty crazy – so put us together you’re going to get some pretty gnarly shit. And this shit is tasty.

SP: Do you run Creep Street full time or are you still working for the man? Take us through a “typical” day from beginning to close for you?

Boris: Those that know me personally know I still punch the clock for the man (I won’t name this company but you’ll figure it out if you’re a good lurker) and that Creep Street is my side hustle. Ironically it has hexed me forever and has instead taken over my entire life, but I still try to balance a corporate design job with a FTW night occupation. It helps me keep disciplined since I still have an OG Asian family back in Queens that secretly still hates everything I do haha. A “typical day” is getting into the office late, pretending to work for most of the day, harassing my homies on my way home, make some food, act stupid on social sites, and get creepy till the early morning. I don’t get much sleep as I realistically work 2 jobs, one that puts food on the table, and on that keeps my blood flowing.

SP: There’s no doubt that y’all have a sense of humor with your last release dubbed “Satan is Waitin,” how has the response been thus far?

Boris: Haha, you either hate it or love it. I guess one thing to clear the air about (still wonder why people can love tits but get all nutso when the term devil is thrown in the mix) – is that Creep Street loves everyone. We got a little heat from it…but it ended up being one of our best selling styles, I still get chicks demanding a restock! Those that know where ‘Satan Is Waitin’ originated from, would know it was a 50’s satirical comic strip from Bill Everett), and if people actually used their brains they would be a bit more open to the humor, but they don’t, and we actually like it that way. There are better things to whine about at the end of the day.

SP: With NY being one of the epicenters of street-wear, has the city influenced Creep Street in any specific way?
Boris: NYC is all I’ve known most of my life. I’ve moved to Boston from Queens (in case most of you wonder why all the damn packages get mailed from here), but I think it’s the fact that I literally walk faster than everyone in this damn city that puts me a step ahead (literally). Seriously, everyone walks so fucking slow here. NY, as corny as it sounds, allows Creep Street to continue creeping every season, in rain, snow, sleet, or your mom.


With all my interviews I like to throw some questions your way about the learning process thus far:
SP: What are two things you learned that you wish you would have known when you first started?
Boris: Everything is always 20/20 in hindsight, but I consider even mistakes necessary in order to grow as both an asshole and a business. I have no regrets, but to honestly answer your question – I wish I knew a) how much damn money I was going to lose, and b) how important it was to choose those you do business with.

SP: When running a line, the most important characteristic is_____?
Boris: Diligence in remembering to clean your nose.
SP: What has worked for you in terms of gaining retail accounts?

Boris: Fucking focus mannnn. The way I see anything is, if your primary goal is making money, nothing really matters anyway. And that you’re in the wrong fucking business if you want to make some serious mula without pulling your fucking hair out. It’s staying loyal to what you came here to do, and how committed you are to making rad shit. That will gain you a following. And if all fails, get a banging ass sales rep with huge titties to make some “visits.” Bingo. Don’t say I never dropped some knowledge.

SP: Partnerships can be a nightmare if not chosen correctly but y’all seem to function well, what would you offer as advice for other lines looking to go that route?

Boris: Well look at it this way, if you go to a club, you’re going to find a bunch a dope shorties that want to ride your pony, especially if you got your game on lock. But you have to see past all the donut, and look for that jelly; you’ll find that real nice girl that’s been eye fucking you the whole night. That’s when you know you click and going to be doing some crazy shit. And that’s the chick that your friends are going to be siked about, and the one that you’re going to want to definitely keep in your archive. If your brand sucks, your partnership is going to suck. Make sure you got your shit on lock before you go about trying to be the next cool guy.
SP: Having recently dropped some previews of your next line, can you give us some insight into the concept?

Boris: By now you’ve all probably seen the Creep Fast Die Last line, but upcoming SS11 season is titled Creep-A-Way Camp. Paying homage to a classic movie series that all horror fans know about. But like everything Creep Street do, we like to twist things up a bit: add a bit more boobage, a bit more dumb stuff, and a ton of random shit that really has nothing to do with anything.

SP: What’s the best part of living in New York?

Boris: Pizza.

SP: When I’m not working you can find me?

Boris: Sleeping. With an ex-girlfriend.

SP: Throw us out some last words and an epic quote?

Boris: It’s not herpes if it’s everywhere.




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  1. josh hutchinson says:

    Awesome stuff guys! Hook me up with some stickers please!!! My address is 234 haileah drive kingsport tn 37660

  2. Chris says:

    Hey I Could you please send me some stickers it would be awesome. My address is 70 captain vinal way norwell MA 02061

  3. Erin Silva says:

    Can i please have some free stickers there awsome… my address is
    1403 22nd St.
    Hondo, Texas 78861

  4. Rosa Phillips says:

    Hi. I love this company. Could you send stickers so I can advertise your company.

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