Weekend In Pictures: Thai Food, Weddings and A Baby For Good Measure

So this weekend was a rather eclectic one. Got to catch one of my best friends get hitched, the first from my group of miscreants. Crazy how time flies as I remember when me and Kyle were playing Jurassic Park in our bedrooms in elementary school,  getting drunk in our college dorm room days, playing hardcore shows together in Palestine, then to see him tie the knot on his wedding day was pretty nostalgic. Best of luck to the Cote’s as they begin their lives together! Another sweet happening was my friend Josh and Ellie welcoming their little bundle of joy into the world, Ella. Tis the season for marriages and babies, guess I better catch up, not! I’ll be taking my time in that department :o. Anywho, enough bs’ing, let’s get onto the reason you’re lurking.

Thai tea and a world of possibilityShrimp Pad Thai, I’m pretty boringLychee with coconut ice cream, divineA FL wedding wouldn’t be complete without thisFrom wrecking shows

To the married life

I think I’ll spectate

The Macarena STILL LIVES! Oh my

In my crew there’s bound to be some sort of contest. Mine as well be pit stain comparisons

Joe wins by a long-shot, woof

The mans corner where we chat about tobacco, Drambuie and how Soprano we lookThe boys are back in townAfter the wedding I caught a Marksmen show with my lady, these guys are goood!AwwwwwBaby Ella and poppa Josh

We got our first Russia order! SP world conquest in full effect



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