Brothers In Arms: All Mighty Clothing Interview

All Mighty is a progressive street wear clothing company based out of Philadelphia. The aesthetic is simple and the meaning heavy with a strong sense of defiance and independence. I was drawn to these guys for this reason, as it’s a semblance of  my own personality and a similar aspect of SP. In just under 4 months they have done a lot more than your average clothing company so I caught up with Co-owner Chris to converse about the brands beginning, message, and future. For all things All Mighty be sure to hit up their site here. Enjoy:

SP: Who do we have the pleasure of conversing with and whereabouts are you based out of?

Chris AM: You are conversing with Chris; I am the founder and co-owner of All Mighty. I’ve lived in the city of Philadelphia for the past 4 or so years and just relocated about 20 minutes outside in the suburbs. To be real honest, ever since I quit my job to chase this down full-time, for the most part you can find me in my 4 X 12 space that I call an office. Slowly making my way to Cali.

Chris-All Mighty

SP: Besides you, is there anyone else that comprises the All Mighty collective?

Chris AM: Yeah man, we have a solid team of people behind this brand.
SP: Is AM a hobby, aspiring career, or are you supporting yourself with the brand at the moment? From sun up to sun down what’s a day in the life like for you?
Chris AM: I guess you can say that I am currently supporting myself with All Mighty. Being fairly new, it is kind of incredible that I can say that. It’s not easy mentally or physically, most definitely not something everyone can do because it requires a ton of sacrifice.
As far as a day in the life, I usually start at 7AM. When it’s beautiful out I usually head to FDR super early for a skate session to get my head in a good spot, check online orders, make phone calls, send emails, work on new projects, and a ton of other random stuff. Some days it is absolutely crazy, some days it is the complete opposite. I try to waste as little time as I can, always have to be productive.

SP: What’s the story behind the “All Mighty” name?

Chris AM: I don’t really like names, but I guess they are necessary. The whole idea behind branding and marketing make me want to puke. That shit is for the birds, it amuses me to think people actually go to school for that shit. We are never going to try and sell the name All Mighty. Don’t get me wrong I fucking love our first line but I actually sometimes regret putting that A on the sleeves. But you live and you learn.

SP: Talk a bit about each piece from your first line titled “Young America,” was there a central theme you were trying to convey?
Chris AM: The central theme of our line is defiance.
SP: With only two months since starting y’all have been able to build up a retailer list, get distribution through the Karmaloop Kazbah site, a mention on The Hundreds feed and have quite the  solid start, is there a secret to your success thus far?

Chris AM: This brand is my life, so for me the feeling is sink or swim. I’m running scared and not trying to work a 9-5 for the rest of my life. It’s just not for me, truthfully I’d rather hang myself then work a 60 hour week for someone else.
I’ve been this way since I could grasp the idea of work and money. I guess you can contribute the fact that I have a gigantic chip on my shoulder so I tend to stay hungry and stay focused. My distaste towards most things drives me ha. Besides that we are surrounded by a ton of great people. We have a real long way to go, let’s not use the word success just yet.

SP: You were previously planning to start with investors but after they dropped you’re on your own. Do you think that this was a blessing in disguise?  After all, as I’ve found, building something from the ground up has a tendency to evoke a lot more passion and unhindered creativity behind it.

Chris AM: For sure, investors would have been an awful idea at the start. Right now I find it important to build this brand from the ground up. However at the same time we are quickly out growing ourselves. I guess it’s one of those good problems.
SP: “Street-wear” is such a vague term and having been a part of this community for a big part of your life what does it mean to you?

Chris AM: I love the culture; I really look up to dudes like Frank Klotz, James Jabba, Jun Jo and Sean Stussy. At the same time I think many people have forgotten the integrity that was once behind street-wear. Most of it now is just flat out bull shit. I feel like there are very few brands that are actually doing something significant.
SP: So far, what are two things you learned that you wish you would have known when you first started?
Chris AM: Never give too much away on future projects. You can’t be friends with everyone and most importantly you have to follow your instinct 100%. Last I would say progression is huge, you always need to progress.

SP: Can you drop some knowledge to us about next seasons release or maybe a hint of what to look out for?
Chris AM: The world is filled with war, corruption, fucking rouge politicians, money is on everyone’s mind, and you know the rest. It’s hard not to focus on that shit but if you do it is enough to make you kill yourself. At least once a day I consider how great it would be to drop everything and relocate to some crazy fucking island. This summer season is going to reflect that mind state I all too often find myself in. We are taking A.M. to a completely different realm; you are going to see some major growth. It’s going to be exciting. Think surfing, positive vibes, and just throwing up a huge middle finger to any and all responsibility.

Jersey Surf Spot on the dl

SP: As a surfer myself, whereabouts do you catch some swell up in that cold ass part of the country?

Chris AM: Yeah the cold sucks dude, I fucking hate the winter. I lived at the beach my entire life and I just started surfing this past summer, it bums me out but I picked it up fast. I’m still terrible, but I can at least look like I know what I am doing. I usually head down to South Jersey and surf with my dad as there are a few really good spots down there. I was in the water till the start of November and can’t wait to get back this spring.

SP: Lastly, I see that you were a bit of a hardcore kid back in the day. Do you think that that had a lasting effect on who you are and what you’re doing with your life at the moment?

Chris AM: Yeah, no doubt music is a huge part of my life. I started playing bass at a young age, played in a ton of terrible bands; I was actually going to move to Florida to play in Remembering Never ha. I remember the dude Norm or whoever was in that band at the time calling me & asking if I was coming down, I think I was like 17 at the time. My parents had bought me a plane ticket and everything but I backed out and never ended up going down. A few years went by and I ended up being lucky enough to join what I would consider to be one of the best hardcore bands to come out of Philly. I remember seeing them play a few months prior to my trying out and they just blew me away left me wishing I could be in a band that fucking good. I spent like 3 years in Passion; I remember the first show I played with the band. We went away for a weekend with One Dead Three Wounded and I nailed our guitar player in the face with the head of my bass during our set. Seriously, some of the most incredible times of my life.

SP: Feel free to drop some shouts and a favorite quote?
Chris AM: “Keep your blood clean, your body lean, and your mind sharp” – Henry Rollins



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