2010: A Year In Review

First and foremost, thanks for all of the support and encouraging words that y’all have delivered over the last year. It truly means a lot that people from all around the globe are supporting this brand and helping me expand our reach. I know that thank-you’s are often cheaply thrown out but honestly, words cannot express my appreciation for all of the SP family out there fighting for theirs! To be a part of the modern street-wear community is inspiring to say the least as there are so many diverse brands representing all facets of independent music and culture, and steadily were growing our niche more and more with each release.

With that being said, 2010, where do we begin? I think the year can best be summed up as a true starting point for SP. I say this because when I first started the company in 2009 I didn’t really have a set direction for the brand. All I knew is that I loved independent music, had some catchy ideas, and wanted to create pieces that represented the lifestyle. As 2010 came around though the evolution of the brand was in motion. As you can see the focus got a bit more legit with the revision of the about section, themed releases, look-books, and more consistent/ personal blogging. The blog was a big point of focus for me as instead of using it merely for announcements, I wanted it to be an inside look into the creative process, philosophy and culture of this brand which is really a look into my world. I know that for me, when I support a company I like to know who I’m buying from and as you can see from the content I don’t have much to hide (ha).

So what did we accomplish in 2010? A lot I’d say. 2010 saw the release of two  seasons (Swing at the World (Spring) and Underdog Mentality (Post-Summer) )consisting of seven tees, 3 tank-tops, a hoodie and basketball jersey. As I had promised from the beginning, I stepped up the quality of the shirts we use and topped them off with screened in tags which was a crucial step in our branding and presentation. You can best believe I’m still not done in this department in my quest to put out authentic gear.

Our sponsorship roster became international with the welcoming of Pay No Respect (UK) and Providence (Paris) while also strengthening the army at home with the addition of Lionheart and Dead Icons. I’m truly grateful to have so many bands on our sponsorship list that not only are cool people but very down for the cause. We’re in this until the end, through thick and thin my friends. The following are some goals I’m setting for 2011:

-A smoother seasonal schedule

-At least one collaboration tee

-Work out some retailer accounts

-Sell some product to South America, Africa, Russia and by conquest take over the world

With a new year fast approaching, opportunity is present. The beauty of it all is in the choice we have to make it happen. The past is past but the present is now, so seize the moment and lets make this year one to not forget! If your popping bottles of champagne or soda in honor of the oncoming year, always remember this:

You know i couldn’t leave you without some cheesy yet true motivational song. Make it a good year!





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