My Favorite Albums of 2010

All in all this was a good year for music in my opinion. If anything, I think my taste in Hip-Hop was expanded. I never used to be much for the singy type of stuff but with artists like Drake, J Cole and Gilbere Forte, I couldn’t resist. There were many phenomenal releases throughout the year and I’m probably missing some, but these are the ones on my radar that stuck out the most. In no particular order, let’s go:

Terror-Keepers of the Faith

Slightly incorporating some different elements into their sound and production yet still keeping that classic in your face Terror style, KOTF goes hard!

Freddie Gibbs-Str8 Killa

Listening to Freddie is like taking a trip back to the good ole days of 90’s gangster rap, highly recommended for that inner G!

Donnybrook-the Beast Inside

I wasn’t the biggest Donnybrook fan before but this album really turned that around. Good ole NY influenced hardcore from LA, get into it!

Whether it’s the production, beats, or delivery, everything about this album is excellent. As catchy as the album is, it does have some grit to it though which balances out the melodic “stuff.” Perfect for inspiration, chilling with your girl, or cruising in thought.

Bitter End-Guilty as Charged

This album is boss! Metallic inspired hardcore that grabs you by the throat and ain’t keen on letting go. Think Madball meets Metalica craziness

Army of the Pharoahs-the Unholy Terror

Another banger from the gritty streets of Philly complete with murderous raps and equally devastating beats. With so many stellar rappers, hell, it’s almost impossible to make a bad album

First Blood-Silence is Betrayal

Ever since Killafornia back in 07 I’ve been eagerly anticipating this album. Needless to say, I was not in the least bit disappointed. I could say so many good things about this drop but it can best be summed up with the following words: unrelenting, socially conscious, mosh heavy hardcore


B. Dolan-Fallen House Sunken City

B Dolan is a very eclectic rapper. The beats are at times eerie and the flow metaphorically rich which makes for a breeding ground of creativity I think you should definitely give a listen. Having been entirely produced by Alias, that should cause you to stop reading this and go check it out, NOW!

Trash Talk-Eyes & Nines

In typical Trash Talk fashion,this album will chew you up and spit you out. The boys certainly did not miss a beat with this release. Fast pummeling hardcore punk, the way it was intended to be

The beats and laid back flow of this drop are infectious to say the least. Perfect music to kick back and chilax too

Comeback Kid-Symptoms and Cures

CBK lost me a bit with “Broadcasting” but resealed the deal with this phenomenal album. This is “dyed in the wool” Comeback Kid complete with fast melodic riffage, catchy hooks, and enough breaks to keep the show interesting


Celph Titled & Buckwild-Nineteen Ninety Now

Celph Titled has quite the resume with such notorious groups as Army of the Pharaohs and the Demigodz but this time around he’s sailing on a one man ship.  As Celph’s first solo album, it’s quite impressive to say the least. His delivery and vocal tone alone are enough to move the record but throw in the top notch notorious production of Buckwild and you’ve got a game changer folks. This is real Hip-Hop and he’s also out of Tampa so you know I got to show some love 😮


This Is Hell-Weight of the World

It’s not hard to list this album because this band has always put out solid releases. Anthemic hardcore with a fun feel to it.  Enough said!

J Cole-Friday Night Lights

Smooth, easily palatable Hip-Hop from one of the rising faces in the scene, and for good reason

Well that about wraps up my best of 2010 albums. Feel free to comment your favorites that I may have missed!



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