“In Self We Trust” 2010 Winter Line Details

So you’ve been unable to sleep in anticipation of this release and I totally get it. Well rest your weary eyes friends because the new product is being printed as we speak. In typical fashion, we’re a little behind but are working out the kinks to get on a better release schedule next year. As a one man team orchestrating all this madness, I’d say I’m doing a pretty damn good job ::pats self on back::. Anywho, you want to know about our winter line? Well let’s talk about it!

Quantity: This drop will be a VERY LIMITED RUN! I’m printing 2 sweatshirts and our very first long sleeve design! It’s so limited that I’m only printing 30 of each piece, that’s a total of 60 hoodies and 30 long sleeves. That means that there will not be very many sizes so it might be a good idea to snatch them up as soon as they drop (just saying). I went with low numbers as we’re in the heart of the winter season and instead of skipping it altogether, I couldn’t do that to you. Thus, instead of nothing you get some dope, limited gear.

Quality: No one likes spending money on outerwear that  looks good but loses a fight to your dryer so we stepped it up and are printing the new gear on Alstyle blanks.  The sweatshirts are super comfortable, true to size (even a little roomy), fleece, and hell, you could probably ditch your blanket and sleep with it it’s that comfortable! Like the tees, the long-sleeves are durable and won’t leave you wearing an old school football belly shirt. All of the goods will be topped off with a screen printed tag for maximum legit-ness as well.

Concept: To believe in yourself and the potential that each of us has, is true freedom. The majority look towards government, dogma and conventional wisdom for the answers often overlooking the hidden gem within. If scientists estimate that we only use 10% of the capacity of our brains and we’ve accomplished this much, how much more could we truly do if we turned away from outside limitations and reflected within? This is the underlying message behind our In Self We Trust release.

Cost: With an increase in quality comes an increase in price and I price everything to stay competitive. The cost is  $40 for the hoodies ad $25 for the long sleeve.

The Product

In Self We Trust: This hoodie will come in two colorways: black with white lettering and athletic grey with black lettering and has a front and back design. Since we had a decent response on offering zip-ups there will be a mixture of pullovers and zip-ups only on this design. Alstyle was low on there stock so the only grey hoodies we have are in XL/ 2XXL in pullovers and L/ XL in zip-ups. Remember, this design (of 30) is split between pulls and zipups and different colors so there may only be 2-3 per size, don’t sleep on them!

Refuse To Lose: This long-sleeve will come in black/ white and navy/ white. It is our second tattoo inspired piece and is a front design only.

Crowns: Due to popular demand we’re bringing back our first hoodie from the Spring line. It comes on black and royal blue.

“In Self We Trust” Tentative Launch Date: 1/17/11

Stay tuned for further updates and sneek peeks as the stock comes in!



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