Do Something

It really pains me to see people aimlessly wander through life with no purpose or sense of direction.  I truly believe that everyone regardless of upbringing, age, gender, race or creed, has the ability to accomplish the impossible and history is full of the examples. Regardless of what your spiritual outlook is (if any), we can all agree that we have at least one life and many chances to do something bigger than us. Of course there is also a flip-side to the coin as life can be full of pain and negativity which only spirals to a lifetime of poor decision and regret. Outside events can happen to us without our control but there is one key element to the equation that can turn EVERYTHING around instantaneously, and that’s your reaction.

Life’s not meant to be painful, good, pleasurable or bad, it’s meant to just be. You ascribe the meaning according to your past beliefs and experiences. It’s a very simple concept that I hope you truly think about as it will empower you to take the reigns of responsibility from past self-defeating conditioning.You’re in the drivers seat, don’t let ANY old thought or person tell you differently!

Now back to my premise of “doing something.” What is the “something” that I’m referring to, you may be asking? The “something” in my experience, is finding an activity or idea that will get you up in the morning stoked to tackle the day and keep you up late into the night.  We all have a tendency to look at those we deem successful as being so much______(fill in the blank) more than us or possessing qualities that we don’t have when in reality, the majority are NOT more ____ than you they just knew what they wanted and had the initiative/ determination to get where they knew they belonged. The good news is, you also have these characteristics as well. Sure it may be buried beneath a mountain of doubt but do you think miners during the Cali gold rush were willing to say “oh well, that sounds too hard, let’s go home?”Same damn concept because it can truthfully open up a world of possibility.

Personally, I’ve always been amped by music as it’s an artform of direct expression. I’ve made music that was true to me and meant something to someone else and i’ve got the singalong pics to prove it, ha:

And yes, sic longhair bro!

After music i started this company that I feel at least for the present, is my calling. It goes beyond just putting out clothing though because anyone can do that. It’s the intent and meaning behind the designs that keeps me amped and working another 40 hour work week to keep this ship afloat which at least for the present, is only funding itself. To me, it ain’t about money or notoriety (as that has a tendency to come on its own), it’s about fulfillment. I love interacting with like-minded people on  a daily basis that are stoked on what I create enough to spend their hard earned money on it.

But enough of me, time is ticking my friends and for some of us, it’s almost out. So what are you going to do about it? Will you strive for something bigger than you or will you travel the same old  boring ass beaten path? Or will you get out there, roll up your sleeves and “do something?” Think about it…



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3 Responses to Do Something

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  2. Lukas says:

    you just hit the nail. people who doesn’t live on purpose are closer to death. Get your ass up and move. I personally do a lot of sports, play bass guitar and try to get a good qualification so I can have an interesting job were I can help and move people. No matter what you want to do, go out and do it. And who doesn’t, should not complain about consequences. Every chance is given to you. Go

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