A Weekend in Pictures: Baby Shower <===WTF

So I attended my very first baby shower over the weekend and I must say that it was actually enjoyable.  Normally, a heterosexual male would probably state otherwise but with friends, lots of food and some alcohol, how can you go wrong? You may recognize the couple as they were the models for our Swing at the World (Spring 09) photo-shoot. Good people that I’m sure will make stellar parents! Being around this environment made me realize that at 26, single, and with no kids makes me quite the rarity these days.  I’d like kids someday but right now I’m holding it down, sailing towards my goals, and letting the wind take me where it may.

Other then that I spent the weekend looking for another designer for our long sleeve tee (which I thankfully found) and then made a midnight trip out for a beer and some obnoxious conversation. Already looking forward to a 4 day weekend of Lionheart/ Madball, relaxing, and getting these winter designs off to the printer. Enjoy!

Baby Shower

My classic homemade cards. Sentimentalism at its finest

Baby’s pissed at Nick for stealing his 15, pricelessBaby shower games: he’s about to get PWNDThe expecting father getting a taste A conspiracy was present to keep me from being vegetarian, I compliedOut and about

Paulaner has become one of my favs. Oh and that’s Mike from GreyMarket: an interesting two piece, check it

The possibilities are endlessWhite girls getting downThere’s always one NIN fan making his presence known. I probably would have did that in 8th grade too, I’ll admitThe endG-SP


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