Perspective and a Friday Night Out

I was planning to stay in but really wanted to go out and well, the latter got the best of me. It’s always good though to take a break from the normal grind with some friends, beers and fun conversations as it reminds me not to take life so damn seriously. At a time when I’m working a 40 hour desk job plus give or take 40 hours for SP, it was a much needed break. Anyhow, back to building…

P.s: It got much crazier than these photos:

With so much cuteness it’s hard to leave this little guy

Business before pleasure, nawwwwwTampa’s biggest pour: The Hub

Alcohol and Muay Thai are not exactly the best mix

This is my new friend Sean. Sean has performed on the street corners of 48 states playing music and singing his story. His dog accompanied him as well.House decor, odd

Saturday begins on the right foot: chocolate chip pecan waffles

Make it a good day!




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