California Trip Wrap Up

Well, it’s safe to say that my heart’s in California.  Whether it was sipping on some wine in Napa valley, scoping out gigantic redwoods and the beautiful north coast or trekking the streets of San Francisco (in all its wonder), I had a blast (to say the least)! The California landscape is pretty damn awe inspiring and to think that I was only in one half of the state is even more mind-boggling. Next trip I’m definitely aiming for the southern portion. Instead of going into a long shpeal (not sure how you spell that) about the trip I’ll let the pictures/ captions do the talking. Enjoy:

Sonoma Country

Such a beautiful surreal countryside

Redwood Forest

Me being the great, curious explorer that I am

Come on, I had too

Such an amazing feeling of standing next to these giants

Northern California Coast

The weirdest shit washes up on the shore. Aliens anyone?San Francisco

Swell barIf hell exists this is probably my ticketWas certainly dope to catch some live graf in the city, must have been allowed with the Giants victory

China town’s quite the trip. All the odd smells and edible creatures i.e frogs and turtles, wow!

Poor thingsAlcatraz looming in the backgroundUnfortunately didn’t have a chance to hit up the Benny Gold store but I did make it to Black Scale. Very nice dudes and dope gear, support them!

The infamous chocolate giant


If you ever travel through Charlotte (South Carolina) airport hit up the sushi place, it rules!

Legitimately amazing sundae (Ghirardeli)!

When in Cali you must stop at In N Out, hands down the best fast food place! Plus, it’s the only fast food establishment I’ve been to in years (that’s got to tell you something)

This by itself was worth the trip!

Cheap Mexican, win

A nice, quiet little place with a good veggie menu (which I did not end up partaking in)Cafe Divine: food was, well, divine (SD tomato, goat cheese and spinach scrambler with banana walnut waffles)!Clam Chowder in a Sourdough bread bowl (ala Fisherman’s Wharf), good godSweet potato fries and an espresso shake (Taylor’s Refresher)

The infamous Cafe Gratitude: all vegan and a lot of raw stuffs as wellThe raw food philosophy is something I totally agree with and if I had the funds and time I’d eat like this everyday! Raw pesto pizza on top of an amazing salad. Sunburger on a sprouted bun, freaking amazingWine tasting: V. Sattui Winery (St. Helena, CA)

A little pre-gaming at the award winning Russian River brewery before our drive

I chose this winery not only because of the recommendations I’d received but also for the  fact that their product is not mass distributed. Their wines can only be ordered from their website or store front which to me is awesome. Support independent businesses!

Sophisticated wine crewA nice outro to my trip. Don’t get too comfortable without me Cali, I’ll be back sooner than you think!



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