Behind the Design: Always Prevail

Design description: No matter who you are or what your stature is, we are all faced with challenges. The weak will fold while the strong persist, that’s the nature of the beast, or is it? The truth of the matter is that the weakest of men (or women) can be just as powerful given the right circumstance. This jersey is not solely made for the strongest of heart; it’s for the everyday individual. In the face of any obstacle you can choose to prevail or you can be overtaken with self-doubt, adopt the first as a lifelong ideal and you’re unbreakable!

I’ve been wanting to release a jersey since we first started so I was quite stoked to see this one through. On the design front I wanted it to retain that sporty feel so I kept the athletic inspired front from the Family First design while the back is the real kicker.

Always Prevail was the name of my former concert booking company and obviously two words I’m very fond of.  While brainstorming different ideas I kept coming back to them as they’re direct and moving. To have such a strong conviction to overcome what life puts in front of you is to be unstoppable and that’s the essence of this piece! I chose the #13 letters because they have both a negative and positive connotation depending on how you look  at them. If you see 13 in a negative light then the AP is a reminder to rise above. If you see it as a lucky number then the letters affirm that luck is on your side.

Back edit

Final result

Cop it here. This one’s limited to 30 and comes with an SP hang-tag sticker. So far we are about a quarter way through the stock and once it’s gone, it’s out! Available in black/ white trim. The jersey has a very comfortable and lightweight fit.

That’s all she wrote for the “behind the design” series of our post-summer release. I hope you all enjoyed hearing about the underlying message behind the collection as well as the visual progression of each piece. If you have not peeped the others you can check them out here:

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Diamonds & Dice

All of the “Underdog Mentality” collection and our past releases can be purchased here .

Thanks for listening!



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