Behind the Design: Diamonds & Dice

Design description: Prosperity, chance and defiance are the ideas at play here. For those out there lurking in the shadows getting ready to shine now is your time. Place your bets and leave nothing to chance.

For this design I originally submitted a different idea all together to the artist. The original idea was to have our logo in bubble graf lettering incorporated into a beach scene representing our home, Florida. When he submitted this one back to me though I was sold. This design is a perfect example of an artists creativity taking charge. Even though it’s not what I intended the piece to be, I was very stoked on the outcome as I love the wild-style meets bubble lettering intertwined with the diamond/ dice combination.

Graffiti is an eclectic art form and one that I have much respect for so keep an eye out for it in future pieces.

My original idea

First editEnd result

Cop it here. This one’s limited to 55 and comes with a screen-printed tag and SP hang-tag sticker. It is available in black or red on a tee and black on a tank top.

Last on board for the “Underdog Mentality” line we take a look at our Always Prevail jersey.



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