Behind the Design: Perseverance

“Perseverance, against all opposition”-Hatebreed

Design description: No one ever said the ride to the top was easy, and neither will I. To accomplish your goals knowing what you want is the first step. The other half of the battle is having the fortitude to see it through thick and thin. If you want more for yourself you’ve got to give more, and more and more. It’s this steadfast approach that defines the winners from the losers, choose your side.

Perseverance has been one of my favorite words for quite some time. I love this word mainly for the sense of defiance and optimism that it evokes. If you have ever taken a look at successful individuals it is the one character trait that they all possess. I believe that one of the main problems in society is a lack of this character trait. There are too many people willing to give up on their dreams and settle for a life of mediocrity mainly because they don’t have the inner strength to keep moving on. This is one of the core messages behind this brand and even though it’s a simple word, I’m sure the point got across.

Why the tattoo style? I’ve been meaning to incorporate this style into our designs as besides collecting them, I love the hand drawn almost untouched feeling that they bring to mind.  It’s been our most popular design of the new line so keep an eye out for more of these pieces with future releases.

Why the eagle? As I was going through possible insignias to represent the word, the eagle kept flapping around in my mind. As the king of all birds eagles signify independence and strength which mesh well with the theme of this design.

This was a first sketch from another artist whom was not able to finish the piece

First edit’s a winner!

A little graphic adjusting with the colorways

End Result

Be sure to head over to the store to pick this one up. This design is limited to 55 and comes with a screen-printed tag and SP hang-tag sticker. It is available in black or navy on a tee and black on a tank top.

Next up, we dissect the Diamonds & Dice design.





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