Weekend in Pictures: Trip to NJ

Shipped up to NJ last minute as my grandma had passed away on Thursday. Even though we were only there for 3 days, it was definitely exhausting between the viewing and funeral arrangements. It was nice though to catch up with family that I had not seen for years  and given the circumstances I was determined to make the best of the trip.

The scenery was beautiful as well with the fall colors and crisp air, certainly a nice break away from the FL heat.  Driving by NY was definitely a tease and little did I know but we were only about a half hour away from the city from my aunts house. I’m determined to get back to the big apple and take in the crazy life of the city, soon soon soon.

You know when your close to NY when graffiti laces the walls

The color of fall, i miss thatHomemade go-kartBagels galore, my idea of a fine breakfastW/ 8 different types of cream-cheeseTea timeWhen up here, eat like the ItaliansNJ FamIt was a nice crisp day, ideal to pay homage to a wonderful persons life

Rest in Power Grandma



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