Weekend In Pictures

Ybor, sushi and Beer-fest, my ideal weekend!

Ybor City

Cool little jointThey give you complimentary 151 cherries, wtf!Agreed3D glasses are fashionableSushi crewI could do sushi for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Real talk!Beer-fest crewFestivities including shitty radio rock cover bands

They had a beer called”Choklat.” Frikkin delish!Solid companyThey make a delicious pecan brown ale

Those beer descriptions alone warrant a mention.

Two hours to try about 50 beers, yaaaaaaaaaCigar City brewery, best beer and local tooDrunk beertenders make it easy to sneak behind the lines

Spud Mackenzie! Pay me no mind, beerfest after effects

Collecting lawn gnomes, odd? I tend to think soGoing out today, thanks everyone!!!G-SP


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Keeping the scene alive, one tee at a time!
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