Behind the Design: Earn Your Respect

The store description reads: Everyone tends to think that this world owes them. Nothing could be farther from the truth as nature tends to favor those with an iron will and humble attitude. In every facet of life, we all appreciate a good underdog story from an individual or team that pulled through immeasurable odds to earn their place. If you want respect you first have to give it, now get out there and fight for yours!

With the underdog theme, this design fit very well and is one I’ve had on my list to put out for quite some time. Before SP, I was planning to start a clothing company called “Commitment” with a good friend of mine. It was set to be one of our first designs but for whatever reason the company never got off the ground. So it sat on my list until I was putting together the designs for this release and decided to resurrect it. The original design was very basic as you’ll see and I’ve since jazzed it up to the banger it now is.

The text is quite self-explanatory and the description dead on. Respect earns respect in all facets of life. Instead of plain text though I wanted to have an image that would represent the concept well. I decided to include Mike Tyson within the words because Tyson didn’t have anything handed to him, he worked hard and fought to build his legacy which today still reigns. I’ve featured Tyson on a MLMF post here as well. Some other tidbits on the design: The two bars each have nine stars and the dice within the logo both add up to nine, which represents the year we launched: 2009. The crown represents coming out on top. With our designs I try to shy away from including stuff merely to fill up space so what is there more often then not, has a purpose. So let’s peep the editing phase:

The original idea

First edit: As you can see this one did not come out too hot so I had to get a bit more specific

Follow up sketch

Now that’s more like it. A couple other little tweaks: sharp outlines on the letters and a little less blur in the imageMoney!Colorways

End resultNow head over to the store to get yours!

Next up, we dissect the Perseverance design.



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