Weekend In Pictures: Out and About

A rather fun relaxing weekend.

Protein powder came in, I highly recommend True Protein.  If I didn’t say that you’d think I was a drug dealer, ha. Hit the Gym!

Wow, just wow. World of Beer rules!Raspberry Brown AlePaulaner, always a good timeWingmanBest part of the night: Taco bus. It’s literally a bus that serves amazing Mexican food until 4 a.m. Finally a place where drunks and insomniacs can meet and greet.Josh’s pumped

I recommend the tofu burrito. $8.50 well spent!Saturday got off to a good startAnd ended on a better noteSnacking finally has a healthy counterpart, try them!

Closed it out with the weeks orders. Thanks everyone!! Get yours here



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Keeping the scene alive, one tee at a time!
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