Weekend Picture Wrap

This weekend was pretty damn chill. Seeing as I don’t do much (other than this) in my free time, that’s approximately what the days/ nights  consisted of. Some reading, brainstorming, tidying up, meditation, good grinds and plotting the next move.The life of an entrepreneur I guess you could say. I’m going to stop rambling now because this is starting to sound like live journal!

Nothing like homemade pizza

Attention whore

A haircut and head massage and i’m ready to go…. used book shopping, shit’s exciting!

2 for $2.50, what a steal!

When you go for your Sunday morning run, it’s always a good idea to wear the most appropriate shirt. I think you’ll agree 😮

6 bowls of soup and a gigantic salad, told you I was from Hawaii

Oh the irony

If you haven’t tried this yet, just do it. I love coconuts.

Quickly planning out the winter line

And this video because well, I like Kid Cudi

Glad I took tomorrow off!

Go to the SP


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Keeping the scene alive, one tee at a time!
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