Support Independent Hip-Hop: Gilbere Forte

“Hip-Hop is Dead” is an unfortunate statement we’ve all heard to much dismay. I’m not sure what the hell Nas was smoking as nothing could be farther from the truth. Amidst today’s over-produced “flossy” bullshit, there are many independent artists far outshining anything in the mainstream light!

I’d say it’s about damn time we started to feature some of the ones that have caught my ears as of late. First up is Gilbere Forte, this cats debut release 87 Dreams is definitely a stellar drop, one that will not want to leave your CD player, trust me! Find out more about him here and peep the below videos:

To show our love for indie hip-hop we released this tee and are down to only a couple left at $8, cop yours here:



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Keeping the scene alive, one tee at a time!
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