Expand Your Mind, Question Reality: 9/11

As in a past post, occasionally I like to drop some knowledge that pertains to current events. With 9/11 just having past and fresh once more in our minds, I wanted to post some information for everyone to at the very least, consider. I’ve read books, watched many documentaries and presentations and come to the conclusion that there is something more than what “they” are telling us. In such a free and open society  it’s very important that when information surfaces that questions the status quo, that we at least give it a look. We must take the quest for truth into our own hands and to take the mainstream media and our political appointees version of fact with a grain of salt. Now I’m not going to list all the compelling reasons to look into this information as many have come before me who have articulated it much better than I ever could. You don’t have to agree with this information (as I’m not here to argue the point), all I ask is that you open your mind and consider the possibilities. I know that you are smart enough to decipher truth from fiction, so here are some of the best films on 9/11 to ponder (click on the below pics to watch the films for free):

And for a comprehensive introduction into the annals of government sponsored terrorism:

“In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act”-George Orwell



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