The Notorious “Dudes Night Out”

When you work hard during the week their is nothing like going out with your buds and partaking in some “good clean fun” on the weekend. Furthermore, for those in a relationship,  a ____ night out is a refreshing break from your significant other and an ideal atmosphere to recharge your relationship “batteries.”______night out should be a part of everyone’s monthly regimen, and I recommend at least one per month because let’s get real, that one night can often get hectic, expensive and possibly dangerous!

I went out with an entourage 10 dudes deep with the sneaking suspicion that something bad was going to happen. Luckily though, there were no trips to the ER or late night bail outs just some ruckus on the streets and in the bars of downtown Tampa/ Ybor. What’s more, our boisterous group wanted our presence to be known so upon marching from bar to bar we took on the “Ole, ole, ole ole” chant which was simply epic. The response was a mixture of what the hell’s, smiles and even some crowd participation. I’m definitely going to record it next time.

Why do I care to post such personal stuff on here? Reason being, I value transparency in the companies that I support and i’m almost certain you do too. As they say “There ain’t no shame in this game” and frankly I don’t really care how it’s interpreted. If you’re reading this, you’re interested, so this one’s for you. Our blog is becoming more and more a place for you to come along with me on this journey. So without any further adieu, here’s a look at my night, enjoy:

Caught a local hardcore show with my boys Actions Speak Louder, support your scene!

A quick bite to eat and yes, that’s ONE slice and the best damn Florentine pizza ever!

First stop: James Joyce Irish pub for free shots of Jameson, that NEVER happens!

Good god, ha


You put a toilet in the middle of a bar, you’re asking for trouble

When under the influence I have the odd inclination to take pictures with random people. And that’s my boy Nick being himself

The more the marrier

Next victims

This cat was pretty quiet

That’s “momma” and she runs this bar (forgot the name)

Mommas crucial tat

Most of Palestine. Best lyrics ever: Dudebro Massacre/ Welcome to FL

Me and my girlz

And now to the best picture of the night

To dudes night patrons across the globe, we salute you!



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