Last Day On Kauai and Being “Home”

My Kauai vacation was amazing. I got to experience awesome Hawaiian soul-food, my favorite sport (surfing), Ohana (aka family, which I can never get enough of) and a lot of classic memories.

When I finally arrived home, it was a bit hard to adjust. Actually, a bit depressing sitting in a one bedroom place when your heart is in another geographic area. There is a certain mentality in Hawaii that is worlds apart of life on the mainland. Hawaii life is laid back, relatively care free, and people are seemingly more connected then on the mainland. For example, after a day of work, it’s not uncommon to find friends meeting up in the local park to kick a few back and “talk story” or to catch some surf before nightfall. I could definitely see myself moving back at some point in my life because after all, home is home.

Being out there really reinforced in me the bond of family as I get to see my dad but once a year. It also showed me how we all have a tendency to let the daily hustle and bustle of life get in the way of our most important relationships. As I’d mentioned previously, before last year (my grandpas funeral), I had not been back for about 8 years. Between school and a job, I allowed that stuff to get in the way of the most important thing we all have, the connection with our families. Had I been back between that time I would have had the ability to learn more from an amazing grandfather, but as circumstances would have it, it didn’t work out that way. I guess my point with this is that if you got family that’s close (geographically/ mentally) to you, don’t take it for granted because none of us are getting younger. Make sure you seize every moment to learn and appreciate them for what they may have taught you either blatantly or indiscriminately.

On a lighter note, here are the last couple of pics from my trip:

Surfing lessons rule and I’ve got long arms, ha 😮

When in Hawaii, make sure you scope out some Saimin. Saimin is the real (legit) version of Ramen Cup O’ Noodles. If you’re on Kauai ask the locals how to get to this joint: Hamura’s Saimin.

“The Special”

Amazing chips

Starbucks actually has island blends only sold in Hawaii. I didn’t get a snap of the Kona but that ish runs $32 a HALF POUND, rediculous!

I’m not obsessed with Hawaiian coffee

Picked up some gear from Maui Built on Maui. Legit clothing company that you can only pick up on Maui, no interwebz. Peep the Jersey trim and tag, locals are very proud of there home, and for good reason.

Kau Inoa is a Hawaii sovereignty movement aiming to take the land back from western control. IMO The feds have overstepped there boundaries in almost every form of political stranglehold on each sovereign state (in the US) and I back this movement not only in my home state but all across the board.

Super stoked on this shirt!

I can always count on my dad to never send me home on an empty stomach, thanks pops! L to R: Fried Chicken, Pineapple Manji and Spam Musubi. A perfect last meal!

And that’s all she wrote folks. If you’ve been following along I hope you’ve enjoyed my kooky, somewhat informative synopsis of a trip to Hawaii. To Hawaii, don’t get too comfortable without me, see you next year!




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