Kauai Day Six and Seven: Hiking Rules and So Does Maui

Cheap, good and Hawaiian, GO to Kountry Kitchen!

Sweet decor as well, I think you would agree

Mac nut pancakes round two. They were good, a little airy and not as rich as I was looking forward to. Coconut syrup is bawwwse

Best coffee on Kauai, sorry Starbucks but eat shit

Good quotes, my kinda joint

I tend to agree. Underdog Mentality coming soon, get pumped!Sleeping Giant mountain hikeBeaut

Strawberry Guava, watch the seeds brah




On top of the world, watch out for us!

Although this is the airlines version, when in Hawaii you must try POG juice. It’s a mixture of Passion fruit, Orange and Guava juices. It’s good, trust me.

Hawaiian mix plate with Teriyaki Beef. Yes folks, I love teriyaki. My bros adorable pit. This thing would kill you with kindness, very friendly dog. We support pit bulls!A view of Lahaina (in Maui)Kaanapali Beach, Maui

Highly legit local food. When you see locals leaving a restaurant, pay attention!


FRIED spam musubi, gawwwd

Hawaiians can eat and this dish is proof. This one’s called the Loco Moco. It’s a hamburger patty on top of eggs and drizzled with gravy. On the side is rice and macaroni salad, bed not included.

The Otsuka braddaz all SP’ed out

Ending the trip on a good note. We were watching these guys:  http://www.myspace.com/realrush and they were pretty damn impressive. A mix of island, hip-hop and hawaiian jams. The recorded songs are eh but live they had more of a hip-hop feel.

I’ll spend my last day soaking up the sun and teaching some wahine’s (women) how to surf.

Over & out.



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