Kauai Day Five: Wave Strike Has Ended

Finally broke my three day surf slump late in the afternoon. Besides that, just did more of the same with cruising, surfing and eating. I was supposed to go out last night with my cuz’s friend to “get some chicks” but thankfully that fell through. Between an ungodly brown/ red (bronze) tan, a peeling face (ala vitiligo) and bloodshot eyes, I’m looking a little odd at the moment. Sadly, my camera died again so i was only able to snap a few, enjoy:

A little fuel before surf at this island landmark.

Like my quest for the best burger on the island, I’m also scouting out the best macadamia nut pancakes. These were a little smaller than what I was expecting but damn good! That little red stuff you’re seeing on the side of the plate is guava jelly, dynamite!

Morning surf destinationPrince Kuhio park. The last prince to reign in Hawaii whom would later go on to become a Hawaii congressman in the early 1900’s, sweet. You learned something today.Ancient Hawaiian’s were very good builders and here’s an example of one of their ancient wall creations. They’re also considered very sacred so knocking them down is out of the question.

Spouting HornMy first experience with Vietnamese cuisine. Let’s just say that i’ll be backMaui, here we come, for a night and day.



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