Kauai Day Four: Hawaii Life

Today was a rather simple one. Just cruised around, ate some grinds and hit up some surf. All in all an ideal Hawaiian day. I could definitely see myself coming back here to live at some point in life. Life is just so much more simple, laid back and care free. Hell, where else is the accepted dress board shorts and slippers? Scope the days pics:


A better shot of the tree tunnel on the way to Poipu

Lunch destination

If you visit Hawaii, be sure to try a Hawaiian plate lunch. It’s the perfect taste of island favorites for a reasonable price. This one came with (left to right) poke, chicken long rice, kahlua pork, lomi lomi salmon, and white rice

Wild high surf spot

Shipwrecks beach

Nothing says Hawaii like shaved ice

Blue vanilla and Passion-fruit orange. Brings back childhood memories

Hawaiian plate #2, this time for dinner, homestyle. From left to right: lomi lomi tomatoes, poi, lau lau and kahlua pork

Eat more poiiii

Just found out that on Friday me and my pops will be venturing out to Maui to see my brother for a day. Maui is where I was born and raised and it’s been years since I’ve been back home, so I’m definitely stoked for this. Besides that, today’s looking like another day of surf. Cheers!


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