Kauai Day Three: Tour De Kauai

Kicked the day off in the Java Kai coffee shop on the north end of the island. It’s a nice little place that serves all types of locally grown Hawaiian blends and organic coffees not too mention some really good sandwiches and such. After returning to Mermaids for another wrap I set out to get some cool pics of rain falls and canyons. With that being said, enjoy!

Java Kai is actually on the other islands as well, so if you visit and see one, stop on by.

Kona coffee and coconut scone, highly recommended.

Ahi Cilantro wrap ala MermaidsThe Geico lizard’s actually quite friendly.Wailua Falls

Got it.

Lookout on the way to Opaeka’a falls.

Opaeka’a falls with mountain

Opaeka’a Falls no mountain.

Wailua river

North shore lookout, 100 feet from the above one.

Classic Hawaiian juice w/out the bullshit HFCS or Aspartame. Shit’s bananas!

Spam Musubi, another Hawaiian classic. Don’t ever let anyone tell you that spam tastes like crap until they’ve tried this. Seriously.

Here we are.

Greetings from Waimea Canyon.“The grand canyon of the pacific”-Mark Twain commenting on Waimea Canyon.

A faint rainbow over the canyon.

Vacation, the only brewery on the island, why the hell wouldn’t I stop in for happy hour?

Lilikoi fruit beer: a blend of passion and lilikoi fruit, geeze, delish!

House Wheat, like lemonade without the sweetness.

Creepin on the local wildlife.

And that about concludes day three. I will be using my rash guard as a sun deterrent which i’m not sure if it will help but it’s beautiful out and I need to break my losing streak. So latez.


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