Kauai Arrival and First Day Happenings

A 12 hour plane ride later and we’re in paradise, so aloha to you and yours. The flight was not bad, never really is for me as I always have something to keep me busy (reading or catching up on some SP stuff).  Oddly enough after a long day of traveling I went out for a night on the town with my cuz, got a little tipsy then ended up waking up less than seven hours later bright eyed and bushy tailed and eager to begin the day. Total sleep over the last 3 days equals 15 hours and I don’t feel overly exhausted which is weird.

To any effect, after a jog down to the beach the days agenda was set: cruise to the northern section of the island and hit up some beaches, caves and rocks to jump off of. Being the outdoorsy type of fella I am, I was sold. Peep some photos of the days adventure:

Sup Phoenix? My first experience in really dry heat, brutal!

Airport food, yum.

And a much needed jolt as I had an interview and some new product write-ups to wrap up.

We made it to the pearly gates!

My pops crib.

Beautiful back yard as well, embodies the HI lifestyle.

The view, siiic.

Joggin to scope out the surf brah.

That’ll do.


Healthy food always has a tendency to find me: green smoothie and papaya.

Home of a phenomenal Ahi wrap.


Me and my cuz.

Cruisin to da north.

Hanalei Bay, apparently voted top beach.

Geesh, not hard to tell who’s from the mainland. Give me a couple of days and I’ll probably be darker than him, real talk.

Entrance to the “blue cave.” The blue part of the name comes when the lighting creeps through and illuminates the otherwise crystal looking water. She’s a beaut!

We went swimming in one of the little caverns and I felt like I was in the movie, the cave. Fun but a little creepy I may add.

An attempt at showing you the sheer size of this beast.

A little lookout point. What I love about Kauai is it’s color. With the rain and lush vegetation it’s always so damn green. I could have seriously filled up this post with just pics of the greenery.

On our way to “Queens Bath” rock we came across this little waterfall. When most peeps think of Hawaii they think waterfalls which is why I’m posting it, moving on.

For all the beauty that Hawaii envelopes their is also an element of danger that lurks in it’s serenity which if you ask me, helps to be aware of.

The plunge.

3 sea turtles, you got to love the local wildlife.

It’s been a good year since I’ve had a “real” burger and on my quest to find the best burger on the island I came across this beaut from Duane’s Ono-Char Burger. The burger itself was nothing special however, the teriyaki/mayonnaise sauce should be illegal. IT WAS THAT GOOD. The irony of the situation is after telling my cousin all the things he should not be eating, we got exactly that. :o)

And that’s all she wrote for the first day. As I’m writing these closing words I have the biggest urge to get up and jog down to the beach to plot out my initial surf day. So on that note, stay tuned for tomorrows update and don’t forget, it’s My Life My Fight Monday!


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